December 2021 Renew Or Liquidation Crisis

Domains up for renewal this month

I have a bit of a challenge for myself as we come to the end of 2021. After I transferred this domain over to Siteground earlier this month, I had a few issues with the previous hosting company deleting my account. This had a knock on effect because also cancelled out my site showing online for a week or so! I wont be recommending them again that’s for sure.

Here I find myself on the back foot looking at domains ready to renew or drop with under eleven days to make some serious decisions about what I’m going to do with them.

December Domains Due For Renewal
These domains are not on Epik but I list my domains here to keep an eye out should I have missed the reminders on the actual platforms they are registered on 😉

Due to renew on Godaddy

Godaddy Dec 2021 Renewals
These are all in the MMO Make Money Online niche

Due to renew on Uniregistry

Uniregistry Renewals Due
Again, these domains are related to the MMO niche

What I need to do is start by asking myself “Why did I buy each domain in the first place”? This usually jogs my memory and at the same time makes me feel guilty if I have made no effort to follow through to bring in any Return On Investment.

Renew Liquidate or Drop

Sometimes life will just creep up on you and you’ll find that you really haven’t got too many choices as to what you can do with a domain. This could come down to either the domain renewal date has passed and its already dropped out of your portfolio or it has passed its renewal grace period.

These domains are already almost a week into the grace period and could end up costing me a lot more money than a normal renewal.


I have fallen prey to the high fees from the likes of Godaddy in the past just to keep what I consider a valuable domain. There have been many times and may I say more times than I care to admit, when I have just not had the funds to save/renew the domain and had to accept that its dropped.

A quick tip for you if you have a growing domain portfolio;

Richard Ellwood

“Download your domains on a CSV file at least every 6-12 months, because if any have dropped, you will find that they are available to register again a year or so down the line”

— Rick Ellwood, IMDomainer

Earlier this year, I discovered a way to save an absolute fortune on domain renewals, in fact I’ve saved anywhere between 50% and 60% of the renewal price. The process is simple and can be completed the same day in most cases.

I am going to put together a simple case study report together before 2021 is over that will show you the process from start to finish. I plan to create a resource section of case study Wins that you can pick up for less than a price of a single domain renewal at G-Daddy 😉

If you can’t wait and want to find out where you can do this yourself…head over to Epik and scroll down to Transfer To Epik and follow their instructions.


If you feel that the domain is of great value to others and think you would be able to get a quick sale by lowering your expectations of a fair market value? Why not take some action to liquidate the domain.

Depending on the niche the domain falls under, and by you putting in some prospecting to the right audience, I’m confident that you could drum up some interest and more likely a quick flip.

We have to be realistic when we are liquidating the domain or indeed a group of domains. Here are a quick way that we can get some return on our initial investment.

Not only is this site giving us an opportunity to sell our domains, but, it’s one of my great go to places to pick up a bargain of some amazing and valuable domains that are not actually dropping!

I am not going to spend too much time going into depth on what this site does in this post, but, a quick overview of how it works is that you submit a domain to liquidate and it will start out with a selling price on their platform at $998 on day one and reduce in price over the next seven days to either your retention price or at worst $9.

This is what is known as a dutch-auction. You are definitely going to get eyes on it, however, I suggest grabbing your link that provide you with and start telling people about your listing.

  • As long as your domain has not gone over 15 days from it’s renewal date, then you are free to put it up for auction even if its currently on Godaddy!
  • Your best way to get more targeted eyeballs on your auction is to contact prospects that are in the niche your domain relates to as well as posting in Facebook Groups that are in that niche too and how about joining domain name buy, sell, flip groups too.


Sometimes you may have to make a hard decision and just let the domain go and I know just how it feels when you still have an emotional bond with the domain and the reason you initially invested in it. Depending where you are in your life? You just might find yourself like I have been numerous times and have too much month left at the money!

This is another reason I started this website because I need structure and a method or routine to get my portfolio of domains out their to spur me on to get ROI on my domain name investments.

If we just keep buying domains and renewing them for years later without actually doing anything with them, it’s all just going to have been a waste of time and money and have you feeling like crap.

If you haven’t done anything with your domain that is up for renewal….Let Go!!! and let it drop!!!

Until next time, stay focused work on one domain at a time until it works and enjoy it.


Rick Ellwood

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