About Me

Richard Ellwood
Rick Ellwood

Yes, that is me trying to look cool on our vacation in sunny Lanzarote 2021. We go there on a yearly basis when permitted of course and I almost love it as much as trying to make money with domain names.

Without boring you to death with my life story I will give you a brief intro as to why I have started this blog/website. I purchased my first domain name in 2008 and have been doing so ever since.

Fell in love with the idea of making money online with the likes of internet marketing, affiliate marketing and have spent an absolute fortune on courses and software in the process. Over the years I have grown my domain portfolio to a sizeable amount and continue to do so.

I buy and sell domains in different ways and I love to experiment with the prospecting and sales methods I have picked up along the way as well as inventing ways to flip them too, which is why and what this website has been created for.

You will find my latest collection at LiquidDomainNames.com